2021 Scholar addresses Beef Forum

Beau North and his fiancee Katherine travelled from Sarina near Mackay in late November as Beau had been invited to be a guest speaker at the Young Beef Producers Forum held at the Bungil Cultural Centre, Roma.

The presentation had all the ingredients of a professional speech and was extremely well received by the 250 attendees. His power point presentation took them through the plans, learning experiences, development work, and challenges of taking an old cane farm and turning it into a productive cattle enterprise.

He talked about his and Kat’s off-farm jobs helping them to build up their financial resources and the difficulties they encountered trying to get a financial institution to support them into buying a small property. Both are passionate about living on the land and building a life for a future family there.

Beau went on to discuss the Grazing for Profit, Natural Sequence Farming and Biodynamics courses he  completed, some with the assistance of the Foundation, and their benefit in increasing his knowledge of regenerative agriculture and holistic farming that then aiding his development plans and outcomes.

That old cane farm is now one that has regenerated paddocks with multi species crops, good fresh water, and happy breeders with healthy calves running around. It’s a good story of dreams, hard work, determination and belief in your abilities!

Click on link to view Beau’s full presentation:


Short pictorial version:

 A man and a woman hold hands and smiling beside them are two brown and white cattle and a dog on the other side, surrounded by green grasses, trees, and a hill A woman wearing a beige cowboy hat and green dress smiling and looking at his partner on her side he is wearing stripes designed long sleeves and leather suspenders in his jean they are surrounded by hills, trees, and green grasses A new paper sheet with the headline "Sparking a transition to beef" with an image of a man kneeling on the ground while holding a dog laying on the ground and surrounded by tall green grasses