2021 Scholar presents at Beef Forum

A man speaking while standing at a black podium on the corner of a wooden stage behind him is a large led screen with a heading saying Discovering Regen AG with an image of a herd of white cattle and a woman, a dog, and a man in the middle

Beau North and fiancee Katherine travelled from Sarina to Roma in late November as Beau had been asked to be a guest speaker at the Young Beef Producers Forum held at the Bungil Cultural Centre. The presentation had all the ingredients of a professional speech and was extremely well received by the 250 attendees. He…

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ABC TV Landline comes to visit

A group of people in a patio one man is holding a camera and the other is a holding a huge mic pointing it on two men sitting in a wooden dining set while looking in a laptop

The phone rang one day in mid July at Dulacca Downs and you’ll never guess who it was – Pip Courtney from ABC TV Landline! She asked if we would allow her to do a segment on the Lachlan Hughes Foundation. “I’ll get back to you Pip, we’ll sleep on it,” came the reply from Philip.…

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