A conversation between friends

Establishing The Lachlan Hughes Foundation has been an emotional journey.

The concept arose during the nine days between Lachlan’s accident and his funeral.

It was a conversation between Philip and long time family friend Roland Breckwoldt that got us all thinking.

Yes...we all passionately wanted, and needed, to continue the amazing work Lachlan had been doing on regenerative agriculture, natural sequence farming, soil regeneration, composting, water retention and much more.

So the Foundation could have an early profile, Roland opened a bank account at the Westpac Branch in Bowral NSW. This bank was the first donor!

The inaugural meeting was held on Monday 4th March 2019 between Philip, Adele and Alister Hughes, Amanda Kenafake CEO Power Tynan Accountants Toowoomba, and Rhonda Toms-Morgan CEO ConnectAg, Roma.

This was quickly followed by another meeting on 19th March to discuss and plan:-

The type of Foundation envisaged?

Purpose, goals, and formalities required for establishment.

Expertise needed on a Board and its membership protocols.

Plans for the next 12 months and into the future.

Scholarship, Internship and/or mentoring.

Application procedures.

Selection Panel and membership.

Publicity, website, Facebook page, media.

Sponsorship and donations.

Funding into the future.

We thought we were starting with a blank canvas, how wrong we were! All the way we have found it is just the continuation of Lachlan’s plans, ideals and passions.

Lachlan always believed in re-introducing LIFE to our LAND and COMMUNITIES.

A logo of Power Tynan in white text and blue block color and gray gradient block shape in diamond surrounded with a blue outline
A connect AG logo in gradient green color with an icon of wheat and leaves above the connect text