ABC TV’s Landline comes to visit

The phone rang one day in mid July at Dulacca Downs and you’ll never guess who it was – Pip Courtney from ABC TV Landline! She asked if we would allow her to do a segment on the Lachlan Hughes Foundation. “I’ll get back to you Pip, we’ll sleep on it,” came the reply from Philip.

A Natural Sequence Farming course was half way through when the ABC crew rolled into the property on 1st September. Out jumped a bouncy Pip, camera man Curtis Rodda, and sound technician Paul Casteliaro from a vehicle packed with gear.

First job was to scope things out, see the lay of the land, check out the meagre talent on hand, go for a drive, make plans for filming and interviewing on the following days. Then relax and join the NSF course participants, family and friends in a camp oven dinner in the garden.

The next two days were nerve wracking to say the least. The talent…. Philip, Adele, Alister, Anna and Adam Coffey were all nervously interviewed by Pip, but not before she had talked, chatted, discussed and relaxed everyone. She is a master at her craft!

By far the best talent of course were the three Hughes children. They loved it that ‘nice Pip’ was doing a story about their Dad!

The crew then headed to ‘Lorraine’ north of Roma, the property of Jack and Emma Groat, to film regenerative agriculture work Jack had done during and since his scholarship year. To complete the story line about the Foundation to date, Pip also interviewed Beau North (2021 scholar) via zoom.

The segment went to air on Sunday 14th November 2021. To view……… this link.

 Lachlan’s Legacy: The scholarship funding education on regenerative agriculture 

The Lachlan Hughes Foundation and the Hughes family would like to sincerely thank Pip, Curtis and Paul for telling the story of tragedy, loss and renewal with such sensitivity and dignity.

  A group of people in a patio one man is holding a camera and the other is a holding a huge mic pointing it on two men sitting in a wooden dining set while looking in a laptop