Lachlan’s vision and passion was the development of regenerative agricultural practices for our grazing lands. He believed that it is possible to rebuild our soils and increase their sustainable productive capacity to withstand the variables of rainfall and that this in turn would revitalize our rural communities and improve the economic sustainability of the industry.

The initial goal of the Lachlan Hughes Foundation was to continue to develop his vision by providing an annual scholarship linking one young land manager with regenerative agriculture professionals for training and mentoring.
After three years this developed into a 12 month Program of 4 two and a half day modules with up to ten participants annually. The Program is regenerative agriculture based, outcomes focussed and includes capacity building, personal development, training and mentoring.

Philip Hughes
Alister Hughes
Jim Frayne
Paul Hilton
Rhonda Toms-Morgan
Amanda Kenafake

Office Bearers - Secretary (Adele Hughes), Treasurer (Amanda Kenafake)

We proudly confirm that all Directors, Office Bearers, and Board members
donate their time on a voluntary basis.

A green grassland with a scattered growth of purple flowers and trees under the clear blue skies and clouds