the Lachlan Hughes Foundation Program

• Invest in Learning

• Create opportunity to Do

• Build Capacity to Influence

Applications for the 2024 Program

Opened ~ 3rd November 2023
Closed ~ 4th December 2023

Come on a regenerative agriculture learning journey.

~ Create your own on-farm Project using regenerative agriculture principles and practices. 
~ Grow as a leader through capacity building and personal development.
~ Improve your communications skills and presentation techniques.

~ Become a 'regen ag' and land influencer of the future. 
~ Mentoring and support to assist you develop and implement your own regenerative practices.

Lachlan Hughes Foundation LHF


Applicants must be:

- An Australian citizen
- Aged 25 or over on or before 31st December
- Currently working or involved in the rural industry
- Passionate about regenerative agriculture and its practices.
- Able to commit to the program modules and project requirements.

~ If you answered 'yes' to the above please apply ~