the Lachlan Hughes Foundation Program

• Invest in Learning

• Create opportunity to Do

• Build Capacity to Influence

Applications for the 2023 Program
Open on 4th November 2022 

CLOSE on 16th DECEMBER 2022
~~ Applications are now closed ~~

Come on a regenerative agriculture learning journey.

- Create your own on-farm Project using regenerative agriculture principles and practices. 
- Grow as a leader through capacity building and personal development. 
- Become a land influencer of the future. 
- Mentoring and support to assist you to develop and implement your own regenerative practices.

A flyer in cream color and green text saying  The Program is about doing and is practical and hands-on. All participants are required to complete an on-farm Project during the year which is regenerative agriculture based and outcomes focussed. It is a 12-month, mentored, training program with 4 x 21⁄2 day training modules and workshops. THE FOUR MODULES The first module will be on capacity building to assist participants with preparing their Project business case, including sourcing funding, project design, planning, implementation, and management. The third module will focus on regenerative agriculture principles and practices and will include presentations by renowned regenerative agriculture presenters. Develop an individual regenerative agriculture learning plan. Program Coordinator Barbara Bishop The second module provides an opportunity for personal development in understanding myself and others; leading and influencing; and public speaking. The fourth module is thejourney summary. Participants will present their individual Project which will be assessed by an independent panel. A Lachlan Hughes Foundation Program Award recipient will be selected. The winning recipient will receive the Tree of Life Award and a Study Tour that relates directly to their individual project.


Applicants must be:

  • An Australian citizen
  • Aged 25 or over on or before 31st December 
  • Currently working or involved in the rural industry
  • Passionate about regenerative agriculture and its practices.

If you answered yes to the above,
then please apply for The Program.

An icon of a tree with dark green and light green colored leaves attached in muted brown colored branches and trunk with exposed roots surrounded with light green lined circle