Biodynamics & the ‘art of making tea’!

Do you remember Cat Stevens famous song "Tea for the Tillerman"? A "tillerman" is a man who tills (i.e. prepares ground for planting seeds) and it takes great art to get this process right so everything can function correctly together - soil, microbes, moisture, atmosphere, seeds. Compost teas are just one method of ensuring that the process gets a boost along.
Hence, we need to learn 'the art of making tea'!

Want to get rid of weeds and pests, learn what peppering is, how to make biodynamic preparations and compost teas, and how to use the astrological calendar to plant and grow better crops and food? Then biodynamics is for you, as it brings together the art and science of agriculture.

A 2-day ‘Introduction to Biodynamics’ course was held at Dulacca Downs recently where facilitator Charlie Arnott and presenter Hamish Mackay explained the ‘how and why’ of biodynamics to the thirty-six participants. They learnt how biodynamic preparations contribute to and enhance the soil foodweb, and the practical skills needed to apply biodynamics as soon as you get home.

Grounded in the work of Rudolf Steiner and proven for nearly a century all over the world, biodynamic methods promote the creation of organic matter, enriching and deepening topsoil and significantly improving its ability to retain water and achieve fertility and balance.

Biodynamics is a cost-effective and proven method of producing high quality plants, food and fibre, as well as healthy animals and premium products, while achieving regenerative ecological outcomes.

The 2021 Lachlan Hughes Foundation scholar Beau North said he is “still buzzing after our Introduction to Biodynamics Course held on the Hughes family property at Dulacca last week! We learnt so much and are so fortunate to be able to attend these courses as part of the Lachlan Hughes Foundation Scholarship.”
“We will be implementing some biodynamic practices on ‘Abundance Gully’ and will keep you updated with our progress” Beau said.

The hands-on course covered the life of the soil, creating soil fertility, managing your natural resources, the practical application of the biodynamic preparations, developing risk management of your land (weeds, pests, diseases) and meeting the challenges of climate change (drought, flood, carbon sequestration).

For the "How To" of biodynamic compost making visit Hamish Mackay at Soil Learning Center.

Charlie and Hamish will be back!
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three men standing side by side while talking they are standing in a green grassland and green tall trees in their background the sunset skies

Hamish Mackay, Philip Hughes & Charlie Arnott