Compulsory reading

'Back from the Brink' - Peter Andrews
How Australia’s landscape can be saved.

'Beyond the Brink' - Peter Andrews
A vision for a sustainable Australian landscape.

'Call of the Reed Warbler' - Charles Massy
A New Agriculture – A New Earth.

'Dirt to Soil' - Gabe Brown
One family's journey into regenerative agriculture.

'Soil' - Matthew Evans
The incredible story of what keeps the earth, and us, healthy.

'Weeds - Guardians of the Soil' - J. A.  Cocannouer
How weeds perform valuable services.


'A Soil Owner’s Manual' - Jon Stika
How to restore and maintain soil health by understanding the principles that originally built your soil.

'Advancing Biological Farming' - Gary Zimmer
Practicing mineralised, balanced agriculture to improve soils and crops.

'For The Love Of Soil' - Nicole Masters
Strategies to regenerate our food production systems.

'Grass, Soil, Hope' - Courtney White
A journey through carbon country.

'Growing a Revolution' - David Montgomery
Bringing our soil back to life. Regenerative practices around the world.

'Holistic Management' - Allan Savory
A common sense revolution to restore our environment.

'Mycorrhizal Planet' - Michael Phillips
Soil microbes, fungi and root systems.

'Quantum Agriculture' - Hugh Lovell
Biodynamics and Beyond.

'Restoration Agriculture' - Mark Shephard
How symbiotic fungi work with roots to support plant health and build soil fertility.

'Teaming With Microbes' - Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis
Soil science, the soil food web, restoration and maintenance. Forward by Elaine Ingham.

'The Biological Farmer' - Gary F. Zimmer
Guide to sustainable & profitable biological farming.

'The Farm as Ecosystem' - Jerry Brunetti
Tapping nature's reservoir - biology, geology, diversity. Soil and water health.

'The Hidden Life of Trees' - Peter Wohlleben
What they feel, how they communicate - discoveries from a secret world.

'Why You Should Give a F**k About Farming' - Gabrielle Chan
The biggest global issues - climate change, soil loss, water shortages, food security, geopolitics, and the thread between farmer and eater to consider the solutions.

two people hands holding young tree preparing plant they are surrounded with green grass and trees under the sunset skies
Hands holding green young plant with soil
Male hands holding soil with earth worms
Close-up of hands washing his hands on the water lake
close up of a male hands holding soil