Compulsory reading

'Back from the Brink' - Peter Andrews
How Australia’s landscape can be saved.

'Beyond the Brink' - Peter Andrews
A vision for a sustainable Australian landscape.

'Call of the Reed Warbler' - Charles Massy
A New Agriculture – A New Earth.

'Dirt to Soil' - Gabe Brown
One family's journey into regenerative agriculture.

'Soil' - Matthew Evans
The incredible story of what keeps the earth, and us, healthy.

'The Hidden Life of Trees' - Peter Wohlleben
What they feel, how they communicate - discoveries from a secret world.

'Weeds - Guardians of the Soil' - J. A.  Cocannouer
How weeds perform valuable services.


'Advancing Biological Farming' - Gary Zimmer
Practicing mineralised, balanced agriculture to improve soils and crops.

'For The Love Of Soil' - Nicole Masters
Strategies to regenerate our food production systems.

'Grass, Soil, Hope' - Courtney White
A journey through carbon country.

'Growing a Revolution' - David Montgomery
Bringing our soil back to life. Regenerative practices around the world.

'Holistic Management' - Allan Savory
A common sense revolution to restore our environment.

'Mycorrhizal Planet' - Michael Phillips
Soil microbes, fungi and root systems.

'Quantum Agriculture' - Hugh Lovell
Biodynamics and Beyond.

'Restoration Agriculture' - Mark Shephard
How symbiotic fungi work with roots to support plant health and build soil fertility.

'The Biological Farmer' - Gary F. Zimmer
Guide to sustainable & profitable biological farming.

'The Farm as Ecosystem' - Jerry Brunetti
Tapping nature's reservoir - biology, geology, diversity. Soil and water health.