2022 Scholarship Winners Present at the Young Beef Producers Forum

An image of a man and a woman standing side by side in front of them are 2 girls standing and smiling another girl beside them is carrying a boy in her back

The Young Beef Producers Forum committee once again kindly offered a time slot for the Lachlan Hughes Foundation. Joel and Emma (2022 Lachlan Hughes Foundation Scholarship Winners) had a short video of their journey to date with a 10-minute presentation of their achievements in the regen ag field. Barb Bishop followed with a detailed outline of the…

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North Burnett couple announced as 2022 Scholarship beneficiaries

A woman wearing a mint-colored denim long sleeves shirt and pink handkerchief on her neck smiling and looking in front beside her is a man wearing a brown cowboy hat and blue denim long sleeves shirt their background is wide grassland with trees and a blue cloudy sky

Joel and Emma Muirhead have been chosen by the Selection Panel as the recipients of the 2022 Lachlan Hughes Foundation Scholarship. Joel and Emma run their own beef cattle enterprise, are passionate about regenerative agriculture, strive to be exceptional land managers, and are very community focused. The Muirhead’s own ‘Twin Rivers’ near Mundubbera and ‘Telemark’…

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2021 Scholar presents at Beef Forum

A man speaking while standing at a black podium on the corner of a wooden stage behind him is a large led screen with a heading saying Discovering Regen AG with an image of a herd of white cattle and a woman, a dog, and a man in the middle

Beau North and fiancee Katherine travelled from Sarina to Roma in late November as Beau had been asked to be a guest speaker at the Young Beef Producers Forum held at the Bungil Cultural Centre. The presentation had all the ingredients of a professional speech and was extremely well received by the 250 attendees. He…

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ABC TV Landline comes to visit

A group of people in a patio one man is holding a camera and the other is a holding a huge mic pointing it on two men sitting in a wooden dining set while looking in a laptop

The phone rang one day in mid July at Dulacca Downs and you’ll never guess who it was – Pip Courtney from ABC TV Landline! She asked if we would allow her to do a segment on the Lachlan Hughes Foundation. “I’ll get back to you Pip, we’ll sleep on it,” came the reply from Philip.…

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Natural Sequence Farming Course

A man digging soil while a group of men standing and watching him

The popular Natural Sequence Farming Course was fully booked for the four day course from 30th August to 2nd September. This is the second NSF course to be held at Dulacca Downs, home of Philip and Adele Hughes. Participants, keen to gain a greater understanding of how the natural landscape functions, travelled from near and far to attend the…

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Biodynamics & the art of making tea

three men standing side by side while talking they are standing in a green grassland and green tall trees in their background the sunset skies

Do you remember Cat Stevens famous song “Tea for the Tillerman”? A “tillerman” is a man who tills (i.e. prepares ground for planting seeds) and it takes great art to get this process right so everything can function correctly together – soil, microbes, moisture, atmosphere, seeds. Compost teas are just one method of ensuring that…

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Past, Present and Planned

Two men wearing blue long sleeves shirts and standing side by side and looking away, the other man is resting his hand on the wooden fence with wires they are surrounded by green trees and grasslands

Over the many years man has been grazing and farming in Australia the soils have become depleted of nutrients, water run-off and lack of retention has occurred at a great rate and stock numbers have become increasingly difficult to maintain in the over worked paddocks. This MUST be addressed before it’s too late! It was Lachlan’s…

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2021 Foundation Scholar announced

A man smiling in front and wearing a white button-down long-sleeve shirt in his background is a blue curtain

The Board of the Lachlan Hughes Foundation is pleased to announce that Beau North of Sarina, Queensland has been selected as the 2021 Foundation Scholar. Working as an electrician at Hay Point has made it possible for Beau to build up the capital to pursue his passion for grazing.  He and his fiancée, Katherine Fausett,…

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