End of Year – New Year Catch Up

What a stimulating year 2023 was for the participants in the inaugural Lachlan Hughes Foundation Program.
Coordinator Barb Bishop deftly guided their learning journey centred around regenerative agriculture, personal awareness and development, and capacity building.
Guest speakers covered everything from learning to read the landscape to reading the weed! Plant form and function, soil hydration and health, business management, funding opportunities and using satellite technology as a grazing and pasture monitor were covered.
Interwoven among all the regen ag info was learning to build personal capacity through understanding yourself and others, effective communication, public speaking, telling your story and influencing using social media.

Each participant completed a public speaking presentation during the second half of the year.

  • Sam and Alina Hart were members of a guest panel speaking at the 'Regenerative Rangelands Conference' held at Latrobe Station, Longreach in late August.
  • Anna Hughes was invited to speak at AgVention, an annual regen ag field day at the Kandanga Farm Store in the Mary Valley on 1st September.
  • Toni Rissmann addressed a Macintyre Ag Alliance grazing field day held on-farm near Goondiwindi in late September.
  • Will and Sasha Treloar gave a presentation on rehydrating the mulga country to the Young Beef Producers at their annual Forum in Roma on 17th November.
  • Ben Heathwood has continued trialing, testing and teaching new ways to get the best out of the landscape through his work with the Queensland Trust For Nature.
  • Neil and Jan-Adele Reinke undertook talks at local schools in the Bundaberg area explaining regenerative agriculture and its benefits to the landscape.

All nine participants have been working on some challenging regenerative agriculture projects on their properties during the year. Living in a variety of climatic zones has made the results achieved an added learning experience for everyone to share.

Having completed the four workshop modules, participants now look forward to their finale in Toowoomba on 8th February 2024, where they will give their final presentation on their on-farm Project.
A judging panel will assess each presentation with the participants vying for the prestigious 'Tree of Life Award'.

Participants comments on the program - "Amazing to connect with a group of like-minded people, all with as much enthusiasm for regenerating their landscapes as each other, and to use that enthusiasm as a springboard for the things we want to do on our own property."
"We found real connection and invaluable mentorship."
"A great opportunity for personal growth, to look at not only our land management and the things we can 'do', but also look to myself and to understand myself and how I can work on our business, not just in it."
"Workshop learning content has been incredibly interesting and informative."
"The Program has connected us to a group of like-minded regenerative farmers, mentors and contacts that will help us on our learning journey."
"Having an inspiring group of people around us and knowing we can call on any of them to bounce ideas off has given us confidence and motivation to move in the direction we want to."