Getting to know yourself and regenerative agriculture

The ten participants in the 2024 LHF Program met for the first time in Toowoomba in early February. Being invited to join in the celebratory evening for the previous years’ scholars, and an induction half day with the Foundations' trainer/facilitator Barb Bishop, proved a great way to begin their learning journey.

From Queensland - Lauren Beresford, Eulo; Dusty Elsom, Warwick; John and Lexi Hauff, Blackall; Genevieve Kane and Isaac Perina, Dulacca; Emma and Angus King, Wallumbilla; Deb Schedue, Mareeba. And from Victoria - James Manning, Northwood.

Dusty Elsom, Gus King, James Manning, Deb Schedue, Emma King, Barb Bishop, Isaac Perina, Gen Kane, John and Lexi Hauff with baby Dulcie, and Lauren Beresford.

Module 1 was held in late March at the usual venue – the old shearing shed at Dulacca Downs on Queensland's western downs. It was hot – the big fan helped!
Philip and Anna gave an overview of "why we do what we do" - in memory of Lachlan and to regenerate our land. Philip explained reading your landscape, and Anna told of her syntropic garden.  Barb got started with understanding yourself and others using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, communication processes, along with the outcomes and expectations of the on-farm project. A valuable presentation on using social media and telling your story was run by last years scholar, Ras Hart.

Presenters Anna Hughes, Philip Hughes and Ras Hart. Guests came in all sizes.

Module 2 was held in mid June - it was freezing cold – two gas heaters helping this time! Ah.. the ambience of the old shearing shed – it always adds atmosphere, mood, and character, and one gets to experience the whole gambit of our environment!

The main focus of this workshop was regenerative agriculture with presenter Gwyn Jones working with last years scholars Neil and Jan-Adele Reinke, taking participants out into the paddock to look at methods of hydrating the landscape. Gwyn also shared his detailed knowledge and understanding of weeds and plant succession.


Accountant Amanda Kenafake, CEO of Power Tynan, ran a valuable session on business planning and financial management. While Barb completed the workshop with managing 'your time balance sheet', as well as improving your presentation skills.