2021 Foundation Scholar announced

The Board of the Lachlan Hughes Foundation is pleased to announce that Beau North of Sarina, Queensland has been selected as the 2021 Foundation Scholar.

Working as an electrician at Hay Point has made it possible for Beau to build up the capital to pursue his passion for grazing.  He and his fiancée, Katherine Fausett, have recently purchased a property in the Sarina area which is the focus of his project for the scholarship. Areas on the property, which have been farmed for sugar cane for over 80 years, will be returned to a mixed species of perennial pasture and beneficial vegetation using regenerative agriculture techniques to re-develop the property from a cane farm to a pasture-based property for beef cattle production.

His project is focused on improving soil health and water management. Beau is passionate about his plan and has already developed detailed steps towards achieving this.

As the Board asked Philip Hughes to be the Mentor for this year’s scholarship, Beau visited Dulacca Downs recently and spent time with Philip, Adele, Anna and the family. A mentoring plan which includes regular phone catch ups, face to face meetings and visits will assist Beau with his project. A 12-month schedule and training plan was developed, to include a Natural Sequence Farming Course with Peter and Stuart Andrews, a Biodynamics Course with Charlie Arnott, as well as other learning experiences.

Beau also hopes that the scholarship will benefit his local community and region, through growing the regen ag community in the wider region. Beau will be a very strong advocate for the Lachlan Hughes Foundation and for encouraging young people to apply regenerative practices to their rural production enterprises.