Past, Present and Planned

Two men wearing blue long sleeves shirts and standing side by side and looking away, the other man is resting his hand on the wooden fence with wires they are surrounded by green trees and grasslands

Tarwyn Park Training directors Stuart and Peter Andrews are passionate about spreading the message that there is a better way to manage landcare and in doing so we can mitigate both the risk of flooding and increase yield.

Over the many years man has been grazing and farming in Australia the soils have become depleted of nutrients, water run-off and lack of retention has occurred at a great rate and stock numbers have become increasingly difficult to maintain in the over worked paddocks. This MUST be addressed before it’s too late!

It was Lachlan’s passion to do this by improving soil nutrients, slowing the flow of water off the paddocks, retaining soil moisture, and revegetating the land with the use of rotational grazing of cattle and natural farming techniques. He read and researched a great deal and attended numerous courses about regenerative techniques.

To this end the Hughes family embarked on the regenerative agriculture journey to assist with this aspiration. Lachlan was at the forefront of this push to repair our land, water ways and vegetation, and he fervently believed this would lead to a revitalising of our soils and landscape and in turn our rural communities.

Lachlan, and his father Philip, made a bold beginning commencing with fencing larger areas into smaller paddocks connected with laneways, which in turn would make it quicker and easier to muster and move stock. A deep bore was also put down and water was reticulated through the paddocks to tanks and troughs.

Lachlan was thorough in his preparation, and his original plans were all well documented. It has now become the family’s mission to continue this work as his legacy.

The Hughes family has committed to facilitating education in the regenerative agriculture field and the LACHLAN HUGHES FOUNDATION is enabling this to occur. Events will be held on property to enable interested people to access education and training to broaden their understanding and skill base.

In late 2020 a Natural Sequence Farming 4-day course was held in September with presenter Stuart Andrews of Tarwyn Park Training, and an AgriWebb Farm Management Software Information Day was held in November. Both were fully booked.

2021 EVENTS:

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2022 EVENTS:
Plans are progressing for speakers, courses and field days to be held next year.
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