THANK YOU to all the individuals, businesses, and groups listed below for becoming financial supporters of the Lachlan Hughes Foundation. This support will help continue to uphold Lachlan’s memory and his desire to see young people embrace regenerative agriculture.
He believed Australian farmers could learn how to regenerate their landscapes, produce more nutritious food and in turn create healthier communities. He was passionate and eloquent about the importance of regenerative landscape management to everyone who cared to listen. 


Kate Adkins
Jennifer Andrew-Gannon
Erin Argus
Charlie Arnott
Jane Bartram
Trent & Jessica Bein
Kevin Baum
Helen Belfrage
Oliver Blennerhassett
Barbara Bishop
Kate & Justin Boshammer
David & Danette Bostock
Michael & Katie Bowes
Roland & Ann Breckwoldt
Chris Breckwoldt
Michael & Henry Brodie
Jody Brown
Roz Brownlie
Malcolm Burns
Guy Campbell
Valerie Claydon
Adam & Jacynta Coffey
Sarah & Richard Cox
Murray Crow
Russell Crow
Chanel Crozier
Peter & Isabella Elmes
Tim & Meredith Ecroyd
Bruce & Heather Fairhall
John Fargher
Neil Farmer
Annettte Flynn
Graham & Anne-Marie Flynn
Bill Findlay
Vanessa Fowles
Jim Frayne
Kell Freeman
Sarina Gale
Alison Gibson
Stewart Gill
Laura Jardine

Jennifer & Bill Graham
Ian & Therese Grayson
Celina & Daniel Green
Ben Groat
Francis Guard
Tamara Hanley
Lynda & Leanne Hardwick
Harry Hardy
Liesl Harper
Philip & Julia Harpham
Sam Hart
Cheryl Hawley
Jill Hawkins
Heather Henderson
John & Susan Hendry
Allan & Kay Hill
Alister Hughes
Anna Hughes
Brian & Kim Hughes
Philip & Adele Hughes
Richard & Dyan Hughes
Jason Johnston
Gwyn Jones
Victoria & Adam Kane
Genevieve Kane
Kay Kirkwood
Karyn & Rod Lees
Lynette Lee
Jennifer Lingard
Jim & Sarah Lomas
Hamish Mackay
James Maclean
Chris Main
Graham Manuel
Vicki & Shane Mayne
Ari McCamley
Paul & Sally McIntyre
Anita McNamara
Ian Moss
Wendy Mulder
Alison & Tony Murphy

Bob & Ann Nixon
Toby & Jane Nixon
Dick O'Connell
Rod & Kathy O'Connell
David & Cheryl Oliver
Raye O'Sullivan
Rowan & Sarah Parkinson
Col & Liz Paton
Robert Philpot
Robyn & Ged Plunkett
John Pollaers
Mark Rawlings
Tim & Nette Reid
Sally Rigney
Richard & Lois Roberts
Jan & Mick Sam
Christopher Schacht
Dick Schoorl
Diana & John Schutt
Tim & Amber Scott
Simon Scott
Brett Smith
Steven & Christine Stiller
Duncan & Riley Sturrock
Jamie Sturrock
Phillip Terry
Peter & Nikki Thompson
Phil Tickle
Peter Tognetti
Jilly Tyler
Bruce & Margaret Uebergang
Tamara Uebergang
Sam Vale
Rob & Terri Williams
Neil Wilson
Amber Woods
Helen Wylie
Mischelle Young



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Dulacca Hotel
Dulacca Sports Club
Queensland Club
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Westpac Bowral NSW
Young Beef Producers Forum

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