‘Tree of Life’ award for Beau

Beau North with fiancée Katherine Fausett, Charles Massy and Philip Hughes.
Photo courtesy Sally Gall QCL.

Returning an old cane farm to perennial pasture for cattle grazing was the challenge Beau North and Katherine Fausett set themselves when they purchased Sarina property 'Abundance Gully'.
Winning the 2021 Lachlan Hughes Foundation Scholarship assisted them with funded training, specialist advice and mentoring to progress this huge task to a positive outcome.
Beau and Kat initially visited the Hughes family at their Dulacca properties, worked out a program of training that would best suit their needs, and planned how they could achieve their goals while working off farm to bring in essential funds to pay for capital works.
The Hughes family host courses and education days at their Dulacca property for land managers and the general community based on sustainable natural resource management.
Beau began by attending a Natural Sequence Farming 4-day course conducted by Stuart Andrews of Tarwyn Park Training to learn the techniques involved in repairing degraded farmland.
AgriWebb donated a farm management software system and phone app, and assisted with its set up and support when they needed it.
Both Beau and Kat participated in an Introduction to Biodynamics course with Charlie Arnott and Hamish Mackay.
As a generous sponsor of the Foundation, the Queensland Trust for Nature, visited 'Abundance Gully' west of Sarina to conduct an environmental baseline report. Both Stuart Andrews and Hamish Mackay also visited the property to provide specialist one-on-one advice.
Beau and Kat attended the Day of Learning at Dulacca where they were able to spent time with Charlie Massy. Beau gave a detailed presentation outlining their achievements and what the scholarship had meant to them.

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