'A story about soil regeneration' from "SoilsForLife"
This 12 minute documentary outlines the commitment of 'SoilsForLife' founder, Major General Michael Jeffery, to a food secure nation and sustainable farming communities. Soil is one of the earth’s most important natural resources.

'Exponential Economics of Nature' - Martin Royds
Martin shares his journey from being a chemical farmer to a regenerative farmer on his property Jillamatong near Braidwood, NSW.

'From the ground up' - Regenerative Agriculture
Inspired by Charles Massy's best-selling book "Call of the Reed Warbler", filmmaker Amy Browne set out across the dry farming country of South East NSW to meet Massy and the other trailblazing farmers bringing new life to their land.

'Running out of time' - Allan Savory
Documentary explaining how Allan Savory used Holistic Management to completely transform his land in Zimbabwe and reverse desertification and reverse climate change.

'Changing Paradigms' - The Power of Regenerative Agriculture
Charles Massy on Regenerative Agriculture: a Solution to our Global Crisis.
A documentary you need to see!

Dr Charles Massy OAM
As the pre-dinner speaker at a 'Sustainable Food Trust' Conference, Charles speaks briefly about regenerative farming in Australia; soil as the solution; livestock and mob grazing; and the critical role that ruminants play in landscape preservation and restoration.

'Lachlan's Legacy: The Scholarship funding education on regenerative agriculture' 

ABC TV's LANDLINE included a segment on the Lachlan Hughes Foundation on Sunday 14th November 2021.
Pip Courtney and her crew are absolute professionals.

2021 Lachlan Hughes Foundation Scholar, Beau North
Talking about his experience at a Natural Sequence Farming Course run by Tarwyn Park Training.

The Regenerative Way' - Peter and Stuart Andrews
Tarwyn Park Training is the leading provider of Natural Sequence Farming education, training and advisory services.

Kiss the Ground
A documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson that sheds light on a “new, old approach” to farming called “regenerative agriculture” that has the potential to balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world.

Regeneration of our lands: A producer's perspective - Gabe Brown
The health of our soil has declined to such a point that it is not only negatively affecting farm profitability, but it is also having a devastating impact on everything from our water quality to our communities and even to our health.

How to make biodynamic compost
Hamish Mackay is a well renowned and experienced biodynamics educator and practitioner. For a small cost you can watch, listen and learn how to make your own biodynamic compost for farm or home garden.

A New Beginning for the Australian Landscape - Natural Sequence Farming with Peter Andrews OAM