What have the participants been up to?

Regenerative Rangelands Conference 2023
Latrobe Station, Longreach on 30 & 31 August. 

RR23 is a producer-led event with a strong focus on grazing management and rehydration in semi-arid environments. 

Alejandro Carillo, a rancher from Mexico, was the keynote speaker and provided an inspirational picture of what could be achieved in these environments with the right management. His ranch, formerly highly degraded with lots of bare ground and little biodiversity, has now become, in his words, a ‘land of milk and honey’, despite worsening weather and rainfall patterns.

The conference was well attended by graziers from around Australia’s semi-arid rangelands.

Sam and Alina Hart, who have a property between Blackall and Barcaldine, were invited to be members of a panel session which focussed on stories from graziers in semi-arid and arid pastoral zones. They explained the landscape rehydration techniques they have been trialling, their evolving grazing management which is improving soil, plant, and animal health, as well as promoting the Foundation Program for 2024. 


AgVention 2023 
Kandanga Farm Store, Kandanga in the Mary Valley on 1st September

An annual field day focussing solely on regenerative agriculture and organised by owners Tim and Amber Scott. Ten guest speakers gave stimulating presentations throughout the day and 34 industry stands provided products specific to regen ag. Healthy sustenance made from local produce was in constant demand from the Store Cafe.

Anna Hughes gave an inspiring presentation on the regenerative agricultural practices she has been involved in at the Hughes’ Dulacca properties from natural sequence farming, biodynamics, composting, syntropic planting, and of course the Lachlan Hughes Foundation and Program. With an information stand and a fund-raising raffle of donated items from industry stand holders the Foundation representatives enjoyed a wonderful event with like-minded regen ag producers and influencers.

The Kandanga Farm Store seeks to connect farmers with consumers. The Store supplies farm products to producers to grow nutrient dense, chemical free food. It offers a variety of fresh locally grown organic produce and the best sour dough you’ve ever tasted, plus a range of household merchandise.


Future public speaking opportunities for participants will see:

  • Toni Rissmann address a Macintyre Ag Alliance field day at Goondiwindi on 22nd September. 
  • Will and Sasha Treloar are preparing a presentation for the Young Beef Producers Forum at Roma on 17th November.
  • Neil and Jan-Adele Reinke are undertaking a series of talks at local schools in the Bundaberg area during the next couple of months.

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